NEPAL — “A year ago, I came to know about the radio program Balbatika from the TWR staff in Nepal. Since then, I have learnt many things about Jesus,” said Sanji, an 11-year-old boy from Nepal.

Some would assume Sanji had an easy beginning in getting to know about Christ since he was born into a Christian family. However, he faced challenges despite following his parents to church every Sunday.

Sanji shared, “I had no interest at the children’s fellowship in church because I had difficulty understanding what was being taught. I did not understand the story of Jesus.”

Gradually, Sanji lost the motivation to attend the children’s fellowship.

Sometime later, an unexpected visit by the staff from TWR-Nepal marked a new beginning in his spiritual life.

He exclaimed, “I learnt about the Balbatika radio program for the first time from the ministry staff. I started to listen to the program regularly.

I love the presentation style of the program! The use of drama in the program helps me to relate to what was taught. I have also begun to understand the story of Jesus and learnt about His teachings.

Over time, from listening to the program, my attitudes have also changed. I have learnt to be more obedient to my parents and more respectful toward others.

The best part about listening to Balbatika is that it has led me to enjoy the children’s fellowship in church! Thank you, TWR-Nepal, for producing such a wonderful program!”

There are many other children in Nepal who have not heard about Jesus, or do not know who Jesus is. Your support will enable us to reach out to more children like Sanji.