NEPAL — Pastor Birkhes from far west Nepal is parenting 12 orphans in his orphanage. He takes care of not only their physical, educational, and emotional needs, but more importantly, he oversees their spiritual needs.

These children, who are in grades one to four, are regular listeners of the children’s radio programs broadcast by TWR-Nepal.

Providing for the meals of these children is one of the biggest challenges for him. These children do not have regular meals every day, and sometimes go to bed having a meager amount of food, or even no food. Sometimes, they have only warm water.

Sustaining the orphanage has proved to be a huge task as his support comes from the local church, friends, and villagers who likewise have little for their own survival.

On the 20th of June 2012, TWR-Nepal, together with the help of a local NGO, provided sacks of rice and dried lentils for his orphanage. Pastor Birkhes was speechless with joy as his accepted the food they brought.

With tears in his eyes, he said, “Now, my children do not need to go school and bed hungry. This food can last us for a good 3 to 4 months! God is one who surely provides.”

The children at the orphanage were also overjoyed to see the team bring in food as it meant so much to them, after having spent many days surviving on the bare minimum that the orphanage could afford for them.

Do pray that God will sustain Pastor Birkhes and his team as they continue to care for these children, raising them up to create an impact for God in their villages!

If you would like to support children like this in Nepal, making a donation will help TWR-Nepal continue efforts in providing the basic needs that children deserve.