“Hello, I am Sumitra, and I am 39-years-old. I am currently residing in Kailali, in the far western region of Nepal. Through word of mouth, I got to know about the sewing and literacy classes organized by TWR-Nepal. These classes were to be held in a nearby village. Shortly after, I enrolled in the training program. We had so much fun in the class! My teacher is a Christian and she often shares with us about Jesus’ life. I was a non-Christian before joining the classes but I can confidently say I am excited to know more about Jesus!

I always wished that I had the opportunity to attend school when I was a little girl. However, like many families, children are needed at home to do the household chores. At the age of 14, I was married to a boy two years my senior. I remembered he could barely write his name then. Being uneducated parents, we often feel inadequate in helping our three children with their school work and a barrier seemed to build up between our children and us.

I would like to thank TWR-Nepal for caring, and for providing the educational programs for us. Six months into the course, the fruits of what I have gained can now be seen. I am now able to read about current affairs from the newspapers. I can also write to communicate and do basic mathematics.

I am now able to help my children when they have questions regarding their school homework. We are now more connected with our children through spending quality time together. I have also started to listen to the radio programs broadcast by TWR-Nepal.

God bless you all!”

To date, about 100 Nepalese women have graduated from the sewing and literacy program. Through attending these classes, they also come to know that our Lord is the one who provided for this program. We believe that seeds have been sown in their hearts. Our prayer is that, in time to come, they will come to receive God’s grace and love with open arms.