NEPAL ? Late last year, our Women?s ministry coordinator in Nepal was able to visit believers and listeners from different churches, as well as church leaders. Sarita is one such listener who has benefited from the Nepalese version of Women of Hope ? Nari Asha.

“My name is Sarita, and I live in the Jhapa district of Nepal.

Seven years ago, my husband and I were married. We tried to have children, but I was unable to conceive. My husband was very sad because of this.

Three years into our marriage, I finally got pregnant and I gave birth to my daughter. However, my husband was still not happy as he wanted a son. He became even more depressed and sad, and his mood even affected me. Slowly, he began to ignore me. In the end, he married another woman…they live far away from us now. This hurt me a lot.

During that difficult time, I came across TWR-Nepal’s radio program for women Nari Asha…I was so encouraged and excited after listening to the program. Even though I was still hurt by my husband’s actions, I came to know that God would never leave me, stop loving me, stop caring for me, or forsake me. Through this program made by women for women, I came to know the real purpose for my life.

My daughter is now four years old. I am a single mother, but I am so happy. I thank God for guiding us in His path, and for the TWR-Nepal team for producing such a wonderful program in Nari Asha!”

Other listeners like Sarita shared how the program has also changed their lives ? both through biblical teachings that guide them towards Jesus, and segments that touch on practical aspects such as hygiene and caring for their families.

Please continue to pray that our listeners will continue to be blessed in both practical and spiritual ways through this program!