“Hi, I am K. from Nepal. My father left me and my mom a long time ago and did not return home again. He just disappeared. At first it was difficult for me to accept this. I lost all hope and I was unable to concentrate in my studies too.

Some months ago I began to go to church, but I couldn’t understand what the pastor was saying. One day I was tuning my radio and I heard a program titled “Bal Phulbari”. It gave me hope and encouragement to know that there is someone who never leaves me and always cares for me. I was happy to hear all these things and I shared what I heard with my mom too.

Today we both have hope and peace in our life. We go to church regularly and attend Bible study as well. I would like to thank the program team because it changed our lifestyle as well as our life. I hope this program will continue to be aired for children just like me.”

The Nepal Children’s Program, “Bal Phulbari (Children Garden)” started airing on 4 Sept 2008 on a FM Station in Kathmandu. Since then, we have managed to get this program aired on another 4 stations.

“My name is T… I know something about church and I would like to attend, but my family is against it and they don’t let me go. I prayed to God, asking how can I hear His message.

One day, i tuned my radio and heard the program “Bal Phulbari”. I am so happy because God answered me according to my prayer. Now, I can hear God’s Word in my home. So, thank you, all of you, who produce the program and helped people like me to be able to listen.”

Through letters and follow-up meetings with listener groups, we have received positive feedback, and many of the children and their caregivers have good things to say about “Bal Phulbari” – most of them say that they have been given hope and encouragement through their listening of the program. Praise God that He is working in their lives!

Prayer Items:

  • We thank God that He has been working so rapidly in this ministry – multiplying the number of FM stations airing the program, and the encouraging feedback we have received from our listeners.
  • Please pray that the children, especially those living in slum areas and orphanages, will continue to be blessed through the listening of His Word and will come to develop a deep relationship with our Lord.