The last thing one would associate with a prison is freedom.

However, that is exactly what prisoners in a Nepali prison are experiencing. As an answer to prayer, the TWR-Nepal team had the opportunity to visit the prison in Rupendehi and organize an outreach event where they were able to minister to those who were seeking. Instead of freeing them from their surroundings, the team ministered to the prisoners and the Holy Spirit set them free from their spiritual shackles.

As one of the Nepali team members put it, “for these meetings to be successful we prayed to God regularly for months before the meeting”.

The purpose of these meetings is to share with the prisoners the word of God, and let them know about the real God, who is the Christ. Through these meetings, the team also hopes to help the prisoners turn away from the wrong path in their lives, so that they can lead a normal life when they are released.

The team distributed radios to the prisoners so that they can listen to the word of God through the radio. In the last meeting, the team met with 23 prisoners who were regular listeners of TWR-Asia’s programs. That day, two prisoners accepted Christ as their Savior during the meeting.

One of them, Mani, shared his testimony in a letter.

“I want to praise the Lord as he gave his only son as a sacrifice because of his love and compassion towards us, so that we can have freedom from sin. My name is Mani, and I am originally from Palpa. Unfortunately, I am now in prison for my wrongdoing. Even though I am in prison, in my heart, I am satisfied and happy as I now know the real God.

I would like to thank TWR-Nepal for the opportunity to know God. I am very touched as this ministry is trying to reach the heart of every person in Nepal. When the staff come to visit us, they give us a Bible and some booklets that help encourage us. Not only that, they distributed radios so that more hearts can be won for Christ.

When they came to visit us, they shared with us the message of God’s love and explained that Jesus is alive today. They shared that Jesus is the living God and he loves and cares for us very much. He also forgives our sins. Even though we are in prison, we still pray to God, study the Bible and fellowship with fellow believers. TWR’s programs have really encouraged us to be disciplined. Sometimes, when I look at myself, I feel that I am a new person. My life has changed, and is filled with peace and joy in the Lord.

From the bottom of my heart, I really like to give thanks to God and TWR-Nepal. Like me, many of the prisoners are getting new lives, which is absolutely wonderful! Please pray for me, that I will be released soon, so that I can do God’s work.”

The TWR-Nepal team was really blessed to know of the change in their lives, and the team continued to encourage them to grow more in God. Not only were the prisoners touched, the warden was also very happy after attending the meeting.

Praise God for working in the hearts of the prisoners and the warden! Please pray that those who have had the opportunity to listen the word of God will be transformed through Jesus.


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for the opportunity to minister to the prisoners. Pray that more such opportunities will open up, and that more prisoners will be touched!
  • Pray for the believers in the prison, that they will continue to strong in the faith, and be living testimonies of Christ’s redeeming love.