INDIA — Bharat’s life changed when white patches suddenly began appearing on his body.

Bharat, who held a good government job and was living a comfortable, happy life, found himself sad and depressed as the ugly patches multiplied and spread each day.

He didn’t know what to do.

“All of my savings went toward treatment, but of a cure there was no indication,” Bharat said. “I was in deep despair, at the point of losing all hope. It made me quarrel and fight with everyone I came across.”

He lost his job and was unable to provide for his wife and four daughters. His family’s financial situation deteriorated.

“I was at my wits’ end and was bitter and sorrowful seeing my family’s life shattered,” Bharat said. “The peace and joy we enjoyed earlier seemed like a dream. The future looked very bleak.”

At this point, Bharat met a man he describes as “undoubtedly God’s servant.” The man gave Bharat a TWR program guide and suggested he listen to The Word Today program in the Awadhi language. The man also prayed with him.

“Soon after he left, I found my radio and turned it on, eager for some kind of relief,” Bharat said.

He began listening to the programs regularly.

“Through the program, I felt myself moving closer to the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “I would ponder and reflect on what I had heard every day. Gradually, my life began to change. I felt a renewed hope as I refrained from alcohol and stopped quarreling with others. Peace trickled into my life and the lives of my family members.”

God miraculously cured him. Nearly 90 percent of the patches on his body disappeared. The Lord also provided for his family’s financial needs.

“All this happened because of the radio,” Bharat said. “When the prayers were said on the radio, we at home would sit before it and pray along. We held on to our faith and believed in your prayers, knowing that we would be delivered. Now my whole family believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and has accepted him as our savior.”

Facts about India*:

  • Geographically, it is the seventh-largest country in the world, spanning an area of 1.27 million square miles, and its population of 1.25 billion ranks second.
  • There are 22 official languages out of a total of 456 languages. About 40 percent of the population speaks Hindi, and English is a subsidiary official language. TWR broadcasts in approximately 54 languages throughout the country.
  • The church in India is highly diverse. Some churches are thriving while others are nominal and declining. The once vibrant outreach to non-Christians has diminished somewhat as a result of several factors, including liberal theology, nominalism and universalism.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.