PHILIPPINES — “Dear Lord, thank you for the ministry You have entrusted to us. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring the message of Your gospel to children. However, we are running out of teaching materials. Please provide for us,” prayed Dr. Maria.

Dr. Maria used to be an anthropologist. Two years ago, after seeing the destitute state of people living in slum areas, she decided to minister to the children living in these areas. Her ministry’s objective is to educate and reach out to these children. However, there was often a lack of educational materials and teaching aids. Together with her co-workers, they began to pray for God’s provision in this area.

One day, while tuning her radio, Dr. Maria accidentally tuned to TWR-Philippines’ radio program Little Lights. The program presented narrated Bible stories, songs and materials in ways that children could enjoy and have fun while still learning about God.

Dr. Maria was so excited that God had answered her prayers in this way. This was beyond what she had imagined!

“We have been praying for friends to help us. Your program is the answer to our prayers!” She exclaimed to us later.

She contacted the TWR-Philippines’ office, sharing her situation. We sent her audio CDs with the Little Lights programs on them. In this way, not only could the children benefit from listening to the programs, but Dr. Maria could also get ideas on how to create educational Christian content for children through the programs.

Dr Maria’s ministry continues to reach out to children in Iloilo City, Western Visayas in the Philippines.

Truly, our Lord answers prayers in ways that we do not expect!