PHILIPPINES — Emma, who lives in the Philippines, has been an enthusiastic listener of TWR-Philippines’ programs for over four years. She has written in to share how our programs kept her strong in hard times.

Emma recalled the fateful day that a crisis hit her and her family, and shattered their lives. Her family lost their prosperous family business, and other properties. This affected Emma and her family severely. They lost everything that they used to have. Emma shared that in her most desperate moment, there was only one person whom she could confide in.

“When everything was lost, I did not know what to do. I cried out to God, and told Him my feelings and thoughts. I told Him I did not understand His ways but I would entrust my life to Him,” Emma shared.

It was during these hard times that Emma drew strength from listening to TWR-Philippines’ program Light of Hope. She gave thanks that through this crisis, she began to have a personal relationship with God.

“Your programs are really beautiful. They have helped me understand that the crisis drew me closer to God. It has also quenched my spiritual thirst,” said Emma. “I used to go to church regularly, but I did not have a personal relationship with Him. I thank God for the crisis I faced.”

As Emma held on to God’s faithfulness, she began to see her hopeless situation turned around. She received a salary increment at work and her husband was given a good job offer. She also saw God’s provision in blessing them with a house. The seller of the house agreed to let them pay in installments despite their lack of savings!

Emma took away a precious lifelong lesson from the whole experience. She exclaimed, “God has taught me to trust in Him and not my ways.”

Praise God for delivering Emma from her difficult circumstances! We give thanks for your support and prayers, which make it possible for many others in Philippines to hear God’s word when they need it most.