Being in the production team of TWR-Philippines’ youth and children’s programs, I sometimes feel as if I am one of the busiest persons in the world. I seat myself down in front of the computer for the whole day, writing scripts, recording, editing, mixing, and finalizing programs.

I’ve sometimes wished that I could get beyond the four walls of my cubicle, just to visit our listeners and see the real fruit of our endeavors. We regularly receive thousands of text messages every month, but it just isn’t the same.

Finally, in the last leg of 2008, my wish was granted – we were going out on a road trip to gather testimonies, ministry stories and conduct surveys among our listeners and our partners. Here are just a couple of experiences that I’d like to share:

An Unexpected Encounter
We had been on the road for a while, and we decided to take a break. This was not a planned rest stop; it was a sparsely populated area, with no stores or street lights, and I recall thinking that I could probably count the number of houses in the area on my fingers. Still, the scenery was beautiful, and we pulled over to stretch our legs

One of the residents, a petite woman carrying a young girl, came out and looked at us. Curiously, she seemed to be staring at the banner we had on our vehicle. Pastor Peter from the children’s team approached her and asked if she had ever heard of Mumunting Kutitap (Little Lights), our Tagalog children’s program. She paused for a short while, and called out to someone in the house – and a little girl came running to her side.

“We’re faithful listeners of Mumunting Kutitap!” She excitedly told us. With her daughter and her niece, we all went into her house and she showed us the little radio that they used to listen to our program. “Listening to your program is our only pastime… it’s filled with moral lessons and Bible stories that children can really enjoy.”

We introduced her to our Women of Hope (Ilocano) program, and gave her some CD samples of our programs, a calendar poster and a Mumunting Kutitap button. I remember how their eyes glistened with unspeakable joy when they received these items.

We had the opportunity to pray with them before we left the place. Truly God had a purpose for our stop along that road!

Coming Back to Him
During a later part of our road trip, we encountered a most interesting testimony from ‘A’, one of the DJs from a station that broadcasts our youth program, Absolutely 24/7. ‘A’ was once very active in her church, being involved in the praise and worship ministry there. However, due to work commitments, she gave it all up to pursue a career as a DJ at a radio station. Over time she stopped going to church altogether and backslided in her faith.

At work, her station manager assigned our youth program to her as part of her portfolio. As a result, she got the opportunity to listen to our program. She felt that God was reaching out to her through our programs, and she even felt that God was speaking to her through one of the discussion topics during one of the episodes. She felt that God was reawakening her faith in her.

We had no idea of all this before we visited the station that ‘A’ was working in, and during our time with her we took the opportunity to share the Word of God with her. After the road trip, we received a total of 28 text messages from her, as she shared that our meeting up was God’s way of blessing her and restoring her faith in Him. She testified that God had spoken to her in a very special way, and thanked Him for the joy in her heart. Glory be to God!

Prayer and Praise

  • Thank God for the times of refreshing and encouragement that the team received as a result of going on this trip!
  • Praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of our listeners; that He is drawing them to Him.