‘A’ is twenty-four years old, single, and is a teacher in a school. She contacted the Philippines Women of Hope team with a problem that is increasingly common among young people today. She shared that she tried to preserve her purity until she got married. However, she met a man who promised her many things, even marriage. Over time, they grew closer, and she fell in love with him. She eventually surrendered her virginity to him but felt guilty and embarrassed about what she had done, and blamed him afterwards. He suddenly decided to leave her and told her that he had to fix his life first before settling down. Hopelessness replaced her once sturdy and positive outlook in life.

Her discouragement increased when the man she loved did not respond to her text messages. Her view of life turned bitter and she did not trust anyone. Her work as a teacher was affected and her students noticed the sadness in her. She got even more depressed when she learned that he had married his former girlfriend. When ‘A’ decided to commit suicide, the Women of Hope team in the Philippines tried their best to console her, counselled her over the phone and prayed for her.

‘A’ is just one of many women in the Philippines who try to deal with difficult issues on their own when they experience physical or emotional abuse. They would lose hope and courage in the process, and many would turn to what they thought would be the best solution under their circumstances – suicide. Aired in Tagalog, Ilocano and Cebuano, the Women of Hope program presents the gospel in a way that these women can identify with, and deals with women’s physical, mental and emotional health. Beyond the airwaves, the team in the Philippines also ministers to these women via text messages, over the phone or on the ground when needed.

‘A’ still keeps in touch and asks for prayers via text message whenever she has time. She’s also praying for a promotion in the school she’s teaching at.

“I am quite okay now, but sometimes, I still cry especially when I remember the words that he said. Some of my friends are wondering why I am so affected by our breakup. I was not like this with my previous relationships. It is really hard for me to forget everything, that is why I feel so guilty. I have been crying for almost two months now. I really regret what I did and at 24, I feel that I have wasted my life. Though many people have told me that I need to move on and concentrate on my work, it is still hard. I just want to let you know that I am thankful because you were there for me. I hope that someday, I will fully recover from the hurt that I experienced. I will never forget you. Thanks for your prayers.”


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord for TWR-Philippines staff who are called to faithfully minister to these women in need.
  • Pray that the Lord continues to grant the team strength, wisdom and compassion as they have to face different issues that the listeners bring to them with their calls for help.