Pastor ‘S’ and his wife stood at one end of a road in Bicol. As they looked around them, they could see the extent of the damage left behind by the typhoons. Buildings and homes were still in shambles, and people were still trying to rebuild their lives against seemingly insurmountable odds. Pastor ‘S’and his wife were heartbroken to see not only the material loss, but also the emotional trauma that the people were experiencing even months after the catastrophe.

Every year, the Philippines is subjected to typhoons of differing magnitudes. One year, there were three successive typhoons that totally devastated the Bicol region. The typhoons left thousands of families in the region homeless and without hope.

To help rebuild the area, TWR-Asia’s team in the Philippines and its partners got in touch with Pastor ‘S’. They worked with Pastor ‘S’ to help the people by distributing relief aid, lumber and building materials, groceries and medicine to the victims. At the same time, Pastor ‘S’ and his team conducted house visits to ask how they could help meet immediate needs, and also took the opportunity to share the Gospel with the victims. The experience was truly humbling, to say the least, as many of those victims they met attended the following Sunday worship service and eventually attended church regularly.

Pastor ‘S’ strongly believed – and was thankful – that God was working through the helping hand that TWR-Asia extended to the victims. Another pleasant surprise was that some of these people had been listening regularly to TWR-Asia’s radio programs. Making the most of every opportunity, Pastor ‘S’ and his team decided to start Bible study sessions in their homes. Most of the discussions were related to the topics being aired on the programs. Over the years, the number of new Bible study groups started in that area had doubled, many new believers had been baptized, and new churches had been planted.

“It is amazing to see how God works in unexpected ways. Praise the Lord for having brought renewed hope to the victims of the tragedy. Please continue to support the ministry of the Philippines team in prayer, so that they may continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and be able to carry out the work entrusted to them fully”, shared Pastor ‘S’.

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise the Lord that His work thrives in places and during the times that He is needed most, and for His servants who recognize such opportunities.
  • Pray that the victims of natural disasters in Philippines will find satisfaction and richness in Christ, and be blessed through TWR-Asia’s ministry.