“I am ‘G’, and I once had a family and three children. My marriage failed and everything fell apart. In my despair, I departed from my hometown and moved to the city. There, I wandered aimlessly, lost and hopeless.

No-one cared about me. To survive, I slept along the roads and ate food from the garbage bins. I was just like the prodigal son in a faraway land, existing at a level that was barely human.

One day I found myself at a church. There, a pastor showed me compassion and led me to Christ.”

From then on, God brought ‘G’ on a journey out of his hopelessness. Eventually, he found work with a company situated in a mining town. One day, while resting from work he was tuning his radio and heard the program Ang Paglalakbay (Thru The Bible).

‘G’ liked the Bible teaching he received through the program, and he became an avid listener. He later learned that the Tagalog program was produced by TWR-Philippines.

“In the short period of time that I listened to the program “Ang Paglalakbay”, I experienced spiritual growth. I felt encouraged to move on with life. I felt that the Lord was calling me to do more for Him.”

‘G’ shared with the TWR-Philippines team that he wanted very much to serve God in his old hometown, but he did not know how. Some pastors from our team paid him a visit to encourage him. After meeting and praying with him, they presented him with an Ilocano translation of the Bible, as well as some materials for starting a small group.

A year later, we heard more news about our brother ‘G’. To fulfill his burden of sharing God’s Word his hometown, he went for pastoral training and was now serving in small church. Since then, we have been blessed to hear testimonies of his church members.

We praise God for giving this brother such a passion to proclaim the Savior of his soul!

Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God that he is using the testimony of brother ‘G’ to spread His Word.
  • Pray that God will raise up believers who will make the difference in the lives of people need hope in their lives.