Young people in the Philippines are interested in spiritual matters, but often lack someone who can offer a listening ear and good guidance. When confronted with peer pressure, many give in to temptation and experiment with drugs and their sexuality. This has resulting in heartbreak and lives without clear direction. Despite the increase of evangelical Christian ministry in the Philippines, much more collaboration is needed among churches, parent ministries and the community to help these young people deal with real issues in biblical ways.

TWR-Philippines broadcasts Absolutely 24/7, a weekly 30-minute radio program for Filipino youth to challenge them to live their lives to the fullest for Christ. The program combines segments about Christian thoughts, family values and practical tips with contemporary Christian music. Topics are carefully selected to offer biblical insight into daily problems in a way that will touch listeners’ hearts. Absolutely 24/7 is aired primarily in English mixed with Tagalog native language, which is most comfortable with the younger generations. Plans are underway to partner with 800 local churches throughout the Philippines in order to reach 40 million youth.

The following are taken from letters that we received from our Absolutely 24/7 listeners:

“I enjoy listening to Absolutely 24/7 tremendously. TWR radio programs are the source of blessings, special comfort and valuable entertainment. I would like to request for more free copies of the programs in MP3 disc format and will set aside quality time to listen to the programs with my family members and friends. May God bless TWR-Philippines team abundantly.”

“I listen to Absolutely 24/7 every Sunday evening and I am learning a lot especially on how to live my life for God’s glory to become a blessing to others. May God bless TWR-Philippines’ programs to continue to inspire the youths!”

“Since I started listening to Absolutely 24/7, I have gained so much insights into what right moral values are. I can also personally relate to what was shared in the programs. The programs are highly informative while I also get to listen to soothing music with my family members. Thank you so much, TWR-Philippines!”


Prayer and Praise

  • Please pray that TWR programs will reach Filipino youths who really need to hear the gospel and be delivered from temptations.
  • Please pray that youths in the Philippines will be strengthened in their faith in times of hardship and challenges.