TWR-Philippines Women of Hope (Tagalog) producer – Jennifer Hallig – recently had the chance to minister to the patients at Benguet General Hospital with the TWR-Philippines Project Hannah team. God turned a routine trip to visit a friend, into an opportunity for them to share God’s love and hope with the other patients in the hospital.

“A few days ago, I visited a friend who was admitted to Benguet General Hospital because of dengue fever. While I was walking down the corridors of the hospital, God opened my eyes to the souls which were thirsting for hope. From one ward to another, I saw patients with struggles and difficulties written on their faces. When I got inside the ward where my friend was, I felt a prompting to share the joy, peace, and hope we have in Christ to those around us who were lying on their beds in agony. I felt that there was a still small voice telling me to grab the opportunity to share Christ to those in need. However, all I could muster up was simply a smile.

When I got home and was about to sleep that night, the scenes in the hospital kept playing in my mind. I still heard that small voice telling me to share God’s love to the other patients in the hospital. Early the next morning, I went again to that hospital – not just to visit my friend, but also the other patients. I planned to visit the hospital again with the Project Hannah team, to minister to those patients by praying with them, and for them.

When we reached the ward, I greeted them and asked them how I could be a help to them. I was so amazed when I heard their reply. They said that they were in need of prayer, and that they have been observing us every time we prayed for my friend. They have been longing for someone who could also pray for them. I gladly embraced that opportunity to pray for them one by one. It was a very wonderful moment. I saw in their eyes the tears of begging for God’s hope. In that simple prayer of mine I let them feel that God is the God of healing, and there is living hope in Him. I was really so thankful to God for how He touched the souls who were really panting for hope.

After we prayed, I introduced TWR’s programs to them. I was surprised when one of them said to me that she was an avid listener of TWR’s programs through the local radio station. It added to my joy! I left them with words of encouragement to keep on trusting God. I also promised that listener that TWR-Philippines staff will pay her a visit at her home someday. Truly God is at work through our ministry!”


Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for protection for women and young girls who are victims of domestic violence in the Philippines.
  • Pray for comfort and peace of Christ to be with listeners who are victims of physical abuse and ill-treatment at home.
  • Pray for blessings of joy and good health upon the TWR-Philippines team and volunteers.