“After what I have gone through, I decided to build a home to help disabled people like myself. Even though I have experienced painful circumstances in my life, I believe God has a greater purpose for me. The Lord knows everything, and whatever happened to me can be turned around for good by Him. This is the truth I learnt from your program,” said Ignacio, a 61-year-old listener of TWR-Philippines’ programs.

Ignacio lives in Pagadian City, Philippines. He worked at a bank for ten years, until he met with an accident that caused half of his body to be paralyzed due to a spinal injury. The home accepts elderly people who have illnesses or health conditions similar to himself. To help offset the overheads in running the home, Ignacio would go around asking for donations. Ignacio also takes things a step further, and even provides wheelchairs and crutches to the blind and lame around the city.

What keeps Ignacio going in what he does, despite his own condition? He explained,

“I do all these because of your faithful proclamation of God’s word through your programs. Your messages have made a difference in my life. That is why I like it very much, and share it with others as well.”

Indeed, Ignacio did not simply stop at setting up the home and meeting the practical needs of the sick. He went on to promote TWR-Philippines programs to his church and neighborhood. He would also make the programs available for everyone at the home, so that they can have a chance to listen to it. He added,

“It is my prayer to the Lord that your ministry will be blessed. Many members living in the home are grateful toward your programs. They know the messages they are receiving will improve their lives. Truly, the Lord is powerful because He used that fateful accident to give me a mission that I can do on earth, as long as I live. May the Lord grant you more strength and power to proclaim His Word!”

Praise God that He is using our programs, to inspire people to reach out and help others in need!