CAMBODIA – Getting thrown in jail isn’t an option for Sorya, a listener of TWR’s program Happy Children’s Garden. He is 11 years old and in grade four. However, he faces this looming possibility during his school holidays, if the harvest isn’t good. When the fields his parents work in don’t produce a good crop, they look elsewhere for work to feed themselves and their three children.

Work in other farms around the family’s hometown is scarce. In order to ensure the family has food on the table and the children continue going to school, Sorya’s parents work on a farm in Thailand while the children are on school holiday. As this is illegal, there is the possibility of them being thrown in jail if the Thailand police catch them.

Although Sorya is concerned with such events in his life, he knows there is nothing he can do to interfere with decisions made by his parents, who are not believers.

“Please pray for the field to produce good crops so we don’t have to go to work in Thailand,” Sorya said to one of the TWR Cambodia team members the last time they visited his hometown. “My happiest time in the week is when I am listening to the Happy Children’s Garden program. I don’t know why but every time I do, I am happy. My grandma is the one who leads me to listen to the program. I believe in Jesus now and am so happy that I can learn more about him through listening to the program.”

Happy Children’s Garden is a 15-minute program created by the Cambodia team to teach children about Jesus and the Bible through storytelling and song.

In Cambodia where poverty is common, many people struggle with even the most basic needs such as food and education. TWR seeks to reach these people with the message of hope through programs like Happy Children’s Garden as well as other programs over FM radio. If you would like to partner with TWR, there is much you can do. To support this ministry, click here.