“I am Pastor N. I first came to know Jesus in a refugee camp. I was in a desperate situation then, and God held out his hand to me. After accepting Christ as my Savior, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. I was convicted to return to Vietnam, in order to preach His Word. And so I came back and established a new church. Even though I faced many difficulties and persecution, God is always with me and He always helps me. Since then, we have established eight churches in other areas, as well as more than 100 listener groups.

I was first introduced to TWR’s programs by another pastor. The first time I heard them, I was moved by the contents, and God’s word touched my heart. I am so excited by the possibilities that these programs bring! Many people in Vietnam don’t have access to God’s word, and there is a shortage of Christian books and materials. But many people have radios! I feel that the radio programs from TWR are the best way to spread the gospel to the people in Vietnam, and  I keenly introduce the program to others.

Before I tell people about the programs, I like to listen to them first so that I know what it is about. I have listened to programs such as Insight for Living, Thru the Bible, Mini Bible College, Leading the Way, Women of Hope, and even the children’s programs! Whether you are young or old, male or female, there is a program that caters to you.

I have seen people have been touched by God’s word after listening to TWR’s programs. Families have changed their lifestyles. Many have quit drinking, and broken families have reconciled. Drug addicts have changed their ways and now serve to bring more people to Christ. The elderly thank God that they have the chance to know God despite even in their old age. Women are happy and excited as they now know how to be good wives, daughters-in-law, and mothers in accordance with God’s Word.

TWR’s programs also help me to impart knowledge and spiritual food when I preach in church. I try to preach good sermons to the believers, but I feel that my message is more effective when I include content from TWR’s programs..

I thank God for the opportunity to work with TWR, and the resources that I have gained to help spread God’s word. I look forward to working more closely with TWR.“


Prayer and Praise

  • Praise God for the positive effect that the programs are having on people in Vietnam.
  • Pray for Pastor N, and other pastors like himself, who have dedicated their lives to sharing God’s word and discipling believers amidst difficulties and persecution.
  • Pray that TWR-Asia’s Vietnamese programs will support pastors in their work, and help them touch more people with God’s word.