PHILIPPINES — Her face turned pale as she heard the news. She brought her trembling hands up to her face as a tear slipped between her fingers. Wild thoughts started racing through her head as her legs gave way and she crumpled to the floor in a sobbing heap.

She couldn’t believe her ears. She had just seen him last week. A dear relative of hers knew that she was with child and had come to visit, but now he is dead. What did that mean? Was she next?

Carmel’s parents had taught her well in the ways of superstitions. She grew up in a family who were entrenched in superstitious traditions. All her life she had been filled with fear and unnecessary burdens that her parents had passed on to her. She knew enough about superstitious beliefs to know that many, including her family, believed that if someone came to visit and died, the person whom they visited would be next in line. Her fears doubled in intensity as she put her arms protectively around her growing belly. With tears streaming down her face, she wished with all her heart that she was not the next to die, but her beliefs told her otherwise.

Carmel knew of nothing else that could set her free from her beliefs. Superstitious beliefs have surrounded her since she was a child.

“A pregnant woman must not attend funerals, have her picture taken, or stand under doorways for it will lead to a difficult delivery or even death of the baby.”

“Sleeping in front of a mirror can cause the death of that person whose soul might get trapped in the mirror.”

“It is bad luck to comb one’s hair after dark.”

“If one sleeps while his hair is still wet, he will develop bad eyesight.”

“Doors that face west will bring quarrels, diseases and death in the family.”

The day Carmel heard God’s word through the radio on the program Thru The Bible, she felt fear losing grip on her. New perspectives appeared on the horizon, and her eyes opened to the fact that God’s word is more powerful than all her beliefs. Enlightenment penetrated her heart and soul like light streaming through the window.

A phone call with a pastor led to Carmel’s day of salvation. The pastor told her, “Christ alone is the only one who can give you peace and strength to face life. You must come to him and invite Him to come into your heart, because Christ is our only hope.” She received this into her heart and Jesus became her Lord and Savior.

Now Carmel knows that the Bible contains truth that can help her overcome her former belief in superstitions. Although Carmel still struggles with some, she is adamant to study the Bible and listen to God’s word on the radio to discover more of His truths.

We pray that our programs will touch and change lives as it did with Carmel. Please join us in bringing God’s Word to the people in Philippines.