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Featured Stories

  • Sharing hope one class at a time


    Find out how a dedicated volunteer is sharing God’s hope with primary school children, one class at a time!

  • Showing the way to salvation


    “My heart was filled with joy… When I came to know this truth, I shared it with my wife and she also started listening and learning about Jesus Christ.”

  • Helping plant churches


    Stories from the field — like this one from a listener turned church-planter in Vietnam — never fail to encourage us…

  • Learning from Hannah


    Mia harbored jealousy, disappointment and pain in her heart from being childless for 15 years…

  • Choosing Jesus


    “When I first heard the gospel, I thought, ‘There is no way I can ever share this information with my family. They will disown me!’ “

  • Treasured in my heart


    “Whenever I hear your message and read your posts on WeChat, I feel deeply touched…”

  • A farmer’s faith


    Be encouraged by the faith of this farmer and his wife in spite of their circumstances!

  • Ready to dry our tears

    Sri Lanka

    We at TWR do our best to share the gospel with people in Sri Lanka via our FM radio broadcasts, but truly it is God who speaks His perfect word in season.

  • Fighting addiction


    “I used to be addicted to drugs. I sought help in order to overcome it, but I was still full of fear and worries…”

  • An inexplicable peace


    “The sermons and songs on your program touched me, and I found happiness listening to them.”