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Featured Stories

  • A letter of encouragement


    “I am very thankful for the radio you sent. It is the means by which to listen to God’s Word…”

  • Whoever hears Him and obeys is wise


    Here is a message we received from a listener of the Mandarin program, Heralds of Hope.

  • Never too old for a change


    Rayna is a listener of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in the Nepali language. A widow who lost her husband many years ago, she lives with her grown-up daughters in a village where Christianity is frowned upon…

  • Letters from little ones


    “I am so happy that we have this program because we surely need it.”

  • My heart is heavily burdened


    “I continue to be a Christian against all odds. Your radio programs have kept me company.”

  • Freed from anger and revenge


    “Lord, I thank you. You touched me and I felt it… Cover me so that I won’t seek revenge again.”

  • More than just radio


    Many of you know associate TWR with radio programs, but did you know that TWR does more than just radio?

  • Healed and saved


    When Nora was a teenager, she became very ill. Her parents brought her to see many doctors, and tried various treatments from both modern and traditional medicine. However, Nora did not get better – instead, her condition worsened…

  • Seven days and then a miracle


    “Some months ago I fell sick and could not stop vomiting… I was put on different medications. However nothing worked and even my family members gave up.”

  • Finding the Truth


    NEPAL — Akash* was no stranger to religion. In fact, he said he had read many religious books, but claimed have found no truth in any of them. So when a friend gave him a Bible many years ago, he ignored it.