INDIA – “Before I became a believer of Jesus Christ, my life was empty, and I was searching for the true and living God.

“Because of this emptiness, I turned to alcohol to help me cope. Soon, it became a habit I could not live without. At the same time, I also got involved in various anti-social activities and my life was a mess.

“I used to be rich and had a lot of property, but these evil habits drained my money away. Very soon, I was poor and had to beg on the streets for money and food. I was completely lost and hopeless. All my friends and family started hating me and no-one would help me in my miserable condition.

“One day, a servant of God came to my house and told me about Jesus. He shared the gospel and prayed for me. That day, I felt light and happy in my heart. He also told me about your program “Neta Vachan” (The Word Today in the Gondi language) and I started listening to it on the radio.

“I soon realized that the Spirit of God was speaking to me through the program. I was changed and I gave my life to Jesus. He has completely changed me and all the evil habits. Now I am a better person who is loved by people and God too.

“I have been listening to your program for the past 12 years and have been abundantly blessed by it. Today all my family are believers and we have started a church in my house. My little house church is growing and God is blessing many more through it. God is doing many miracles in the life of these members and many new believers are joining us every week.

“Please pray for my family and the church as we depend on God for every need to be fulfilled. All glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”