Middle East — Dear Friends, your radio broadcast is one of a kind. From where I live Christianity is vague, and we do not have literature or books about it. Since my childhood I liked Jesus Christ, but because no one could help me with knowing Him better, I tried to seek different means and ways.

Many Christian TV channels and radio stations criticize non-Christian religions. I found that only TWR is not doing that. Apparently, TWR is going with the teachings of Christ, to love and to forgive one another. TWR talks about the truth that Christ taught.

I’ve always wanted to have the Holy Bible, but I couldn’t find it in my country because it is forbidden. I did finally download it as a phone app, and now I can read it all the time, but I couldn’t have loved the Bible if not for the Thru the Bible radio program! It really is helping me understand Christ and Christianity.

The program is like a door to the light for me, with all the teachings and explanations. I feel happy and do not want each episode to end, because it is like treasure for me! Many of those who are around me are listeners, too, but they are hesitant to write because of security issues. Thank you so much and keep it up.