CAMBODIA — “I am a 38 year-old farmer and I live with my wife in a village near the border. It has been a while since I last contacted you.

“My wife and I love to gather the children in our village to listen to your Happy Children’s Garden program. However some time ago, my wife lost her job and this has put us in financial difficulties. Even sending a small packet of letters from the children to you has become an issue. We find this to be extremely challenging and we are still praying for God for help.

“However, God has put it in our hearts to continue leading the children’s group so the next generation can come to know Jesus. Because God so loves us, we want to give back to him. We are very excited to continue this ministry even though we do not have enough money to buy snacks for the children every Sunday. Thankfully, the children still come to listen.

“Please continue to pray for us even as we struggle through this. Thank you and may God bless you always with strength and health. Amen!”

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photo credit: Aaron Tan