BELARUS — The following is a testimony a man shared during a church meeting when TWR Belarus staff members visited his town in 2013.

I have longed to meet you for a long time. What can I tell about myself? You are looking at a former alcoholic. I was lost in the darkness of physical and spiritual sin. I hated myself and nurtured suicidal thoughts. And that would have happened. I was like an animal; there was no hope for me. Yet God had mercy on me.

Accidentally I came across the frequency of TWR. The word that I heard shook me up and kindled in my heart a tiny spark of hope. I became your listener. Then some other words pierced my heart: “If the Son will make you free, you will be free indeed.” And I began to think: God gave his Son for me, a rascal, a bastard, and what am I doing? Where am I going? Many of my friends have been broken by alcohol, and their bodies are buried a long time ago. And you are on the same way, a voice inside told me.

From the other side, Satan is continuing to throw temptations my way. … Yet God’s Word says that power is in God. And I begin to think: Whose Spirit is writing in you – the one from God or from Satan? God has overcome Satan. The Bible talks about love. God is love. And this God has revived me. He gave me a new mind, and I became a believer at my radio receiver.

Today I do not stop marveling at the change that He is accomplishing in me. God took away the drive to drink. Today I can rejoice in the Lord. My wounds are healing, although scars are still there. But my heart is full of faith. You see, I live alone, but I am not lonely. I am not alone anymore, I am with God. I trusted everything unto Him. And He is my goal.