BELARUS — Thank you so much for your ministry, for all the advice, encouragement, talks and assistance.

I find myself in an unusual situation, but I still would like to encourage those who are elderly and find their lives to be difficult. TWR has entered my life in a big way. I wake up at 6 in the morning and switch on the repeat of your Christian programs. The radio is with me in my kitchen. During the lessons of Vladimir Sorokin (Thru the Bible), I prepare breakfast for my son. In the winter I have to heat the oven first. When my son leaves, I have my prayer time, and I read the Word of God. That is the best time for me.

Soon after that, my daughter, who is an invalid, wakes up. She cannot turn over or change the position of her head, hands or feet. I have to be with her the whole day. But that is not too bad. Life without God – that is something to be frightened of.

We have been living like this for 22 years and have experienced many blessings. I am at retirement age, although I am not 60 yet, but I do get very tired a lot. Yet along with the difficulties, I have so many reasons to thank God. We have a wonderful front yard and a comfortable bench at the entrance. In the summer my husband and I sit outside reading the Bible.

In our home, a small house fellowship gathers for worship and Bible studies. If some of the listeners are sick or have to watch their grandchildren, elderly parents or invalid children (like me with my daughter), and they feel weak, they should call upon God! He is our quick helper in trouble. It won’t be difficult all the time. Express love to one another because love strengthens us and troubles go away.

Facts about Belarus*:

  • Belarus has a population of about 10 million people, and Belarusian is the country’s official language.
  • Although religious freedom is guaranteed, little of it exists in reality. Protestants often face hostility.
  • When the ministry of TWR Belarus was registered in 1992, it became the first official office of TWR in the former Soviet Union. It is responsible for 2½ hours of weekly program production.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.