Man riding past a dumpster full of trash

INDONESIA — Some people call him a rag-and-bone man. Others label him a trash collector. Indeed, Hendi makes his rounds picking up waste and recycling them. Sometimes, he finds trashed items which he painstakingly refurbishes to resell. This is how he makes a living.

Being surrounded by trash everyday, Hendi started comparing his life to trash. He saw no meaning to life. His life was empty, and just like trash, it meant nothing to people around him. Mocking words from people around him pierced his heart. These unkind words absorbed every ounce of joy, caused him to fall into depression, and threatened to destroy his very soul.

One day, Hendi did something that was to change his life forever. He happened to tune into a Sundanese program on the radio that was broadcast by TWR Indonesia. Excited to hear something which gave him hope, he started listening regularly. This ignited his hunger to know more about Jesus Christ and his faith started growing.

Hendi knew that becoming a Christian will not instantly turn his life into a prosperous one. He understood that problems will not magically disappear when one accepts Christ. He also knew that life did not revolve around having money or a good job. When TWR caught up with Hendi, he told us that even though he still collects trash, he thanks God everyday for who he is. It warms our hearts to hear that someone who leads such a simple and difficult life can be contented with life as it is.

Hendi shared that the mocking has not stopped. He hears words such as these often. “Even though he is a Christian, a waste-collector is still a waste-collector.”

However, instead of letting the words tear him up like before, Hendi responds with a smile. “They don’t know that God has made my life meaningful although I am just a waste-collector.”

Indeed, Hendi goes about his work faithfully. He knows the Lord has changed him and life has taken on a whole new meaning. To declare this fact to the world around him, he has decided to get baptized and proclaim his commitment to Christ.

Hendi requests prayer for a strong spirit as he rarely goes to church due to the distance. However, he and his family are very grateful they can be filled with God’s Word everyday just by listening to a radio program broadcast by TWR.

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