INDIA — Indira* came from a non-Christian background. Her family was wealthy, and moved a few times because of their businesses and investments. Finally they settled in a city with a commercial sea port, and their family business did very well for a long period of time.

After the children in the family were married, things changed. They started experiencing losses in their business, and didn’t know what to do.

They met some people from a Christian prayer group who encouraged Indira to listen to the TWR broadcast, Veda Araichi (Thru the Bible in the Tamil language). The group also prayed constantly for her family.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, Indira’s faith and her family’s belief in God grew and over time. They found themselves rooted in the Word of God, and identified themselves with the Christian community.

“Our loving savior taught us to live with what we had. We realized that the loss of the business was instrumental toward our eternal well-being. Now our souls are saved.” Indira shared.

Since giving priority to the Lord, God has given them strength to see them through even the toughest times, when some family members family turned away from them.

“It was hard and I am alone now after my husband passed on. I know my Lord will lead me in my remaining years, but the eternal home is now in my mind as I am already 74 years old.”
Indira confessed. However, she also shared that at the same time, she also has a burden for the unsaved souls in her family.

“At this age all I can do is pray for them and encourage them to listen to the radio program.”

* not her real name