In Cambodia, where many roam the streets, it is not uncommon to find a single lady living on the side walk looking for scraps of food she can find. But God did not overlook her, in fact the change in her life continues to astonish her. One of our Cambodia team members spoke to her recently.

“I live alone and have no relatives. Before I believed in Jesus, my life was really hard. I had no home and I had no hope in my life. After I accepted Jesus, my life started to change as I enjoyed a relationship with God. Now I have hope and a happy life.

“I am not alone anymore as I have God with me and he promises me that he will never leave me. Moreover, I have other Christian sisters and brothers at my church too.

“Every Sunday I come to worship God and hear the word of God. I can also hear God’s word through the Women of Hope program. I really love the program because it brings me hope and joy. Thank God there is such a program for me to listen. May God bless you.”

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