TOGO — A listener of TWR broadcasts in Togo contacted the ministry’s response team to discuss a lingering problem that had seriously obstructed his Christian walk.

The listener – let’s call him Emmanuel – told of falling out with the pastor of the church he attended in that West African country. Emmanuel felt the pastor had humiliated and insulted him in front of other people. At home, he thought about the situation and decided he wasn’t going back to that church.

For a while, he attended another church but then gave up altogether on being a part of a congregation. He knew something was wrong, however, and just didn’t feel good about what had transpired.

Emmanuel got in touch with TWR’s ministry team and recounted what had happened.

“During our conversation, you asked me to go back to the church where the pastor humiliated me and to ask for forgiveness from the pastor as well as to the whole body of Christ that I had abandoned for my pride,” he said. “Doing it was very difficult for me, but after much prayer, I obeyed. I asked for forgiveness from the pastor before the church, and I likewise asked for forgiveness from the brethren.”

As distressing as it was, the experience gave him a sense of release, of deliverance. His testimony helped draw others to profess their faith in Jesus.

“You really have the Holy Spirit,” Emmanuel told the TWR team. “I am very marked by the advice you gave me. God bless you and sustain your ministry.”

Facts About Togo*:

  • The population of evangelicals grew tremendously during the last decade of the 20th and first decade of the 21st centuries, and the church has become more unified around the goal of reaching every home in the country.
  • Two key programs, Building on Solid Foundations and The Way of Righteousness, are broadcast from TWR’s AM transmitter in West Africa to the Kotokoli people, a largely unreached group centered in Togo.

* Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.