CAMBODIA – Once in a while, our team in Cambodia comes across a letter from listener sharing their thoughts with us. This particular story explains how the radio programme The Word Today changed this listener’s life.

“I’m impressed by the Word of God in your programme. The more I listen to it, the more I find good ways to respond to the problems I am facing. It is not easy to live in this imperfect world. When we do things our own way, we tend to fail as we usually cannot get good results with our own strength.

“After listening regularly to the programme, I have found that depending on the God’s Words and His will are good way to respond to the issues I face. Now I know that God’s ways are perfect and that He is always with us.

“Through it all, I’ve experienced that God is always with me in my circumstances. He is in control of all kinds of situations. When I lean on him, I experience ways to overcome my problems with his grace and love.

“I am thankful to God for motivating me through His Word over the radio. Thank you, TWR team, for bringing me such a wonderful programme.”