ECUADORYou’ll have a hard time finding any member of the TWR family who isn’t thrilled to read the heartwarming responses from radio listeners around the world.

Being welcomed into the homes and workplaces of so many people and made an important part of their daily lives is a humbling privilege. A letter from a woman in Ecuador eloquently expresses this living connection.

Through this means, receive a greeting in the Lord Jesus Christ and a big embrace from the one who writes. I thank you infinitely for the way you have of explaining and practically analyzing the Scriptures so that we can understand and assimilate them. You cannot imagine how blessed I feel with the study. …

I really appreciate you because by listening to Thru the Bible, my interest and love for the Word of God has grown. Again, a thousand thanks because you are a blessing.

You have encouraged me in my sadness. You have accompanied me in my solitude. You have comforted me in my disease. The Lord Jesus spoke to me through you, and it has strengthened me.


Facts About Ecuador:

  • Five sites in Ecuador are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, the most famous being the Galapagos Islands, which lie roughly 500 miles off the country’s west coast.
  • In English, the nation’s official name, the Republic of Ecuador, means the Republic of the Equator. With a population of about 16 million, the country straddles that geographic feature.
  • In 2013, broadcaster Dairo Rubio Gamboa became TWR’s official representative in Ecuador.