INDIA — “I got married at the age of twenty, and have two daughters. I work in a public health center, and my husband drives a rickshaw.

“Soon after we were married, my husband had extramarital affairs and was often drunk. He did not seem to care about his family and never provided for our daily needs. Not only that, he would demand my hard-earned salary from me… and he would beat me if I did not give it to him.

“I felt trapped and miserable, and lived in dread every day. I found no happiness, joy or meaning to my existence. I often contemplated running away from him, and even thought of suicide as a desperate means of escape for me and my children.

“Finally, my husband beat me up so badly that I took my daughters and fled to my brother’s house. This proved to be a turning point in my life. Every morning there, my sister-in-law would listen to the Malayalam Thru the Bible program on TV and the radio. I had never been interested before, but this time I decided to listen.

“The sermons and songs on your program touched me, and I found happiness listening to them. After a few days had passed, I decided to return to my husband. I continued to listen to the programs in my home, and my husband did not stop me.

“In February 2017, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I experienced an inexplicable peace and tranquility in my life. I started corresponding with TWR India, and a sister got in touch with me. Since then, they have been praying for me and my family.

“God has blessed me with the miraculous ability to be patient and tolerant with my husband, and I have seen small changes in him. I believe that the God who saved me is able to save him as well. I request your prayers.”