VIETNAM — Are you struggling with a habit you wish you didn’t have? It is hard when you struggle alone. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. No one is on this road with you. The temptation to indulge is just too great. Take heart, Jesus is with you, just like how he was with Hanh from Vietnam, who encourages us with his journey.

“For a long time, many people have known that I am a member of the church. However, my life did not reflect the characteristics of a Christian. I always smoked and got drunk, and I even beat my wife though she is a gentle woman.”

Hanh did not allow himself to continue with this lifestyle. He let the Word of God fill him, and let Jesus take control of his heart. Although his journey is not complete, he is well on his way.

“Ever since I heard God’s word through your radio program, my life has changed so much by God’s power. I  care more about my family. Every day, I pray that God will give me His strength in order that I can overcome all my bad habits, give up my old ways of life, and follow Jesus’ example.”

Luy, another Vietnamese man with eight children, also struggled with alcoholism. Providing for his wife and eight children was an uphill task. He turned to alcohol daily as a means to escape from his problems. His business suffered and caring for his family took a backseat. His alcohol habit soon led his entire family to poverty.

However, Luy started listening to the Word of God when he received a radio one year ago and started listening to a program broadcasted by TWR. This caused a tremendous change in him when he understood God’s love for him. He started taking responsibility for his business and family.

Luy says, “Since I started believing in God, I have become more responsible. I quit drinking because I know God wants me to do so. Instead of drinking, I try to work and care for my family. Although we are still poor, I know that my wife and kids are happy knowing that their husband and father is no longer drunk and irresponsible.”

Not only that, through the program Mini Bible College, Luy’s heart has been stirred to serve the Lord. He and his family started hosting small group Bible study sessions in his little family room, and listen to the program with others. “I realize my weakness in understanding the Bible therefore I try harder to learn more through your program.”

You can inspire more people like Hanh and Luy to overcome all that stands between their old self and a new victorious life in Christ. Pray that people in Vietnam will tune in to the programs, and hear the life changing message of God’s Word. You can also give towards the ministry in Vietnam, and support the team in providing more of such programs as well as materials that can save and help their fellow countrymen.