20140127-South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA — The media are TWR’s primary points of contact with listeners, but face-to-face interaction, when possible, frequently helps new believers as they begin their walk in the faith.

TWR South Africa recounted the experience of Xolani, who lives close to the ministry offices in KwaZulu-Natal. Natural surroundings of lush valleys and hills supposedly promise a life of peace and tranquility. Not so for Xolani. Her little home has only the bare necessities for daily survival.

Seven years ago her husband suddenly died. During their marriage he was mostly absent from home, was not really interested in the children and did not look after the family well. The only things he left her were rebellious children, struggles and pain.

Since his death, Xolani had been filled with hatred and bitterness. Whenever she saw a photo of her husband, she became very angry, throwing it on the ground and cursing him. Her rage was then taken out on the children.

But then the Lord stepped in. Last month she listened in the privacy of her home to one of TWR’s programs on love and forgiveness. She was deeply challenged.

Later she met with a team from TWR South Africa and came to experience God’s forgiveness; in turn, she forgave her husband. The team members invited her to attend one of the ministry’s seminars on family life, where she learned scriptural principles for child-rearing.
Xolani is now helping others as she testifies to the truth and power of the Gospel.