China — I am Brother Chen, a leader of a church in a rural province in China. We had a lot of members in our church who did not have a clear understanding of God and had no inclinations to serve Him. However, things changed in 2006 when we received grace from God through the TWR Radio Church Kits.

Each Radio Church Kit consists of a radio, a Bible and printed study materials to complement the Discipleship on the Air and Self-Confrontation radio programs. In the short span of three months, there was a great change in the spiritual life of the church. Previously, the believers were focused on asking for miracles, healing and God’s blessing in their lives; now they began to demonstrate a deep willingness to offer their lives to Jesus Christ.

I saw a great change in their lives and their witness for God. They have also grown in their understanding and interpretation of Scripture. Thank God for blessing us this way through the Radio Church Kits.

Others in the church observed the change and joined in the learning. A lot of the members, especially the youth, have started studying the courses. I have seen them listening to the programs and taking notes while they listen, after which they will share with one another the things they have learned.

In our church, we now have more than a hundred co-workers who serve God ministering to others and reaching out to those around them. Other churches have noted this revival in us and have shown great interest in learning through Radio Church Kits. Please help them like you have helped us. May God bless you and all who have given toward these Radio Church Kits!