BOTSWANA — We learned by email of a family living in a diamond-mining town in southern Africa that listens to TWR’s broadcasts. The town is wealthy in comparison with surrounding towns, said the writer, with good medical care and housing. The mining company “takes good care of its employees.”

“Contrasted with the material wealth of the town, the spiritual poverty of the people living here is appalling,” the writer continued. “There are not many Bible-believing Christians here. There are a few churches, but most, if not all, of these teach little in the way of sound doctrine. Prosperity teaching is very widespread, and I think that many churchgoers here believe that God always wants them healthy, wealthy and feeling good about themselves. There is no place where people can go to have the truth of God’s word explained and taught to them, whereas false teaching is available everywhere. …

“This family is strengthened by the solid biblical teaching of programs like Grace to You, Dr. McGee’s Thru the Bible, Unshackled, Love Worth Finding and others. As there has been no church we could attend where the Bible is taught, we have been especially encouraged by Bishop Joe Bell and the program Truth for Today on Sundays. We gather in the living room most Sundays to hear a sermon, read the Bible and pray together. Our satellite decoder is used exclusively for TWR.

“We plan to begin meeting with another Christian family in town regularly for Bible studies and church services next month. Please pray that God will guide us and that we may be an effective witness for him. We are very grateful for this link God has given us to other believers in this world. It’s great to have you in our home every day. God bless you all.”

Facts About Botswana*:

  • Since gaining independence from Britain in 1966, Botswana has developed into a stable representative democracy with a growing economy. The mineral industry, including diamond exports, is a major source of revenue.
  • Botswana has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, but the government reportedly has a comprehensive program for addressing the problem.
  • The country has a high level of religious freedom, and Christianity comprises the largest number of adherents, but many people have both Christian and traditional animist beliefs.

Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.