vietnamese man

VIETNAM – In remote parts of Vietnam, there are believers who do not have access to Bibles or Bible study materials.

For these brothers- and sisters-in-Christ, Christian programs broadcast over the radio are a lifeline for their spiritual nourishment. TWR’s on-the-ground workers and volunteers give out radios and Bibles, and we pray that God will multiply our efforts to transform the lives of our listeners!

Ngyuen, a new believer in the faith, writes to us from his home in the Vietnamese highlands:

“I do not have a Bible for reading, so I listen to your broadcast to study God’s Word. Your program has been a comfort for me when I listen to God’s Word by my bedside in the evenings. I then apply what I have learned, and I have found my life turning from misery to a pleasant one.”

Sometimes, even the spiritual leaders do not have access to Bibles! We heard the following recount from Huy, a leader of a group of believers:

“I am the leader of a group of 36 people, and we meet regularly. I give my all in caring for the spiritual lives of the people in my group.

Still, I long for God’s replenishment in everything that I do, because I realize my own weaknesses as a leader. Even though I have been a believer for eight years, I say this because I have been finding it difficult to have a systematic way to study God’s Word. We have our annual retreat, but that is not sufficient.

I like to listen to Mini Bible College in Vietnamese because the program helps me better understand the Bible. Through it, I understand more and more of God, and I am encouraged to continue serving the Lord and wait patiently on Him.”

Please pray that God will continue to encourage and uplift believers such as Ngyuen and Huy, who persevere in their faith in spite of their struggles to obtain Bibles and Bible study materials!

Do prayerfully consider giving to our Vietnam Outreach, so that more people like Nguyen and Huy can receive Bibles and radios and learn more about God’s Word through our programs!