SRI LANKA – The following are snippets of testimonies we’ve received from listeners of the In Touch programs in the Sinhala language.

“Some months ago, I accepted Christ and now I attend a nearby church. My life has changed since then, and I listen to your program to learn more about Christ. Now I can see peace. I pray for my other family members to also know Jesus.”

“Your program has touched my heart and God’s word has changed my life. I thank God for what you do so I can listen on the radio.”

Let us also keep praying for our brothers- and sisters-in-Christ who choose to follow Jesus in spite of the cost.

“I appreciate your program and this is my first time calling you. I want to accept Christ but I hesitate because my background is not Christian and the people who live around me are also not.”

“I am not a Christian yet… I was a drug addict before. Thank you for sending me a Bible. I am now completely free from all drugs. Although I do not attend church, I have secretly started listening to your program.”