NEPAL — “When I first heard the gospel, I thought, ‘There is no way I can ever share this information with my family. They will disown me!’ “

This is Sharan’s* story. He came from a different religious background, and one day a colleague shared the gospel with him. Sharan felt touched by the word of God, and believed Jesus to be the true God and Savior.

However, Sharan faced a major problem — he saw no way for him to understand more about his newfound faith.

“I was a young man brought up in the traditional religion of my parents… how could I openly ask anyone the questions I had, especially my parents? Who would guide me in matters of spiritual maturity?”

At first Sharan had some difficulty acquiring more resources, then one day he came across God’s Word broadcasted on the radio. “I was delighted to discover the Thru the Bible program in the Nepali language! It enabled me to read and study the Bible at a good pace, and my faith was growing.”

Sharan eventually built up the conviction and courage to share the gospel with his family but they would hear none of it. “They warned me that I would lose my share in the family property if I continued worshiping Jesus. But how could I forsake Jesus for property?” Sharan recalls.

Today, Sharan’s family also listens to the radio programs.

“I realized that I made the right decision by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… by honoring God above all, God answered my prayers for my family to be blessed both spiritually and physically.”

*not his real name

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