Côte d’Ivoire — All TWR programs are Bible-based and spiritually focused, but some broadcasts also address social and physical concerns such as addiction, AIDS and the Ebola virus, and human trafficking.

A member of the Baoule tribe wrote to TWR’s response team to tell how his exposure to one of these programs pointed him to true answer to his drinking problem.

I have been drinking alcohol for 10 years now. I justified my bad habit with the fact that in my culture, drinking alcohol is accepted and is our custom.

As I listened to your program, I heard the [host] emphasizing that alcohol abuse is at the core, is the source, of discord and problems in many homes. That statement opened my mind and made me understand the division and difficulties my family was going through.

My wife and I had a lot of fights. One day we had a fight about the dowry. That was the day I decided to stop drinking alcohol. I avoid going to places where there is alcohol and avoid surrounding myself with people that drink, and this decision has changed my life.

I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and the courage for “leading me not into temptation.”


Did You Know?

Among TWR programs offering a holistic approach to life and wellness are the Healthy Life Series and Community Empowerment.