PHILIPPINES — A team member from the Philippines shares:

When I first heard about our listener Becky, I never had any inkling that I would be meeting her soon. Becky is a doting aunt who wants nothing for her niece and nephew but for them to grow up knowing Christ as Savior and Lord. Surprisingly, I met her when the team traveled to the Cagayan region to visit radio stations and listeners there.

We were so happy that we had time to visit Becky who was as happy as we were to finally meet each other in person. With tears in her eyes, she told us how good God is for providing her with the program Bagnus ti Biag, or Thru the Bible in the Ilocano language. She says that by listening to it her faith is strengthened. “I admit that my faith is not always strong,” she confided, “but through your program, I am reminded to keep trusting the Lord.””

As we continued to get to know Becky better, one of her neighbors came over to join us. Her name is Pat and we were delighted to meet her for she, too, is a listener of our program. Like Becky, she expressed her gratitude for how the word of God through Bagnus ti Biag strengthens her faith, but her gratefulness did not end there; she expressed it further by introducing the program to her neighbors so that they could also be strengthened. In fact, she was the one who introduced Bagnus ti Biag to Becky. How inspiring!

She also opens her home to her neighbors once a week so they could gather to pray for one another. Becky says of her, “Whenever I am disheartened and feel like neglecting our prayer meetings or sunday services, Pat comes to encourage me, so I am yet to miss any of our fellowships.” At that, Pat smiled shyly and added, ”but Becky’s presence is a huge encouragement to me, too!”

How heart-warming! Seeing how Pat and Becky lift each other up as neighbors and sisters-in-Christ certainly lifted our spirits, making us feel that the long hours of travel up north to Cagayan was more than worth it.

Being able to meet an avid listener who texts us regularly like Becky came as a surprise. But meeting Pat, the listener who recommended our program to Becky, was an equally delightful surprise! Perhaps we have other listeners like Pat whom we may not be able to meet in person, but I hope there would be more listeners like her not only in Cagayan but all over the country as well.

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