SAUDI ARABIA — I am a person committed to my religion. I memorize our [scriptures] and preach them.

Two years ago, some kind of doubts started to trigger in my soul about my own religion. Then I found your program, and many things started to come into place. I would love to continue to communicate with you till I understand the whole truth that is being revealed through you.

I do live in Saudi Arabia, but I’m from … Africa. I hope you accept me as a friend and a seeker.

Facts About Saudi Arabia:*:

  • Saudi Arabia contributes billions – the country’s famous oil resources account for most of its revenues – to extensive Islamic missionary efforts around the world. At home, places of worship for other religions are not allowed.
  • Available in the kingdom over AM airwaves are TWR programs such as Talmatha, which provides discipleship training for the Arabic-speaking world; Women of Hope; and Thru the Bible.

Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.