TWR has long sought to minister to the whole person and therefore includes a number of programs among its broadcasts that provide information about health care.

Some offer basic advice about medical concerns and healthy lifestyles, among them programs such as Dr. Luke, Women of Hope and the Healthy Life series. Africa Challenge and Family Life, in particular, have addressed the AIDS problem.

But what made the most difference for this listener from Cote d’Ivoire is the fact that all TWR programming is solidly planted in God’s Word.

In the past, I lived in debauchery. I was a regular in the night clubs and did some bad things. …

Then I fell sick, and when I went to the doctor, he diagnosed, after taking my blood, that I was HIV positive. I was shaken and then began to lose hope when everybody around me started to abandon me – even my own parents.

Now I could understand what life is all about, but it was too late.

I thought it was too late until I chanced upon your program and began to listen to your words of encouragement. Thank you very much for helping those of us who are living with this terrible situation.

Did You Know?:

    TWR’s powerful West Africa Transmitting Station broadcasts health-related programs such as Alert Ebola, Healthy Life and Dr. Luke to Cote d’Ivoire and neighboring countries in this region of the continent.