NORTH AFRICA — I greet you, friends of God. I am your brother in Christ. Your programs on TWR are full of strength, to the point that even many of the elderly, who are experienced in the dominant religion of this region, are converted to Christ.

Listen to my grandfather’s story. He was a fervent [believer in the dominant religion]. He mocked me and laughed when I told him that God’s word in the Bible is true and that there is no truth in the [other religion’s scriptures]. I told him that if he didn’t believe me, he should listen to at least one of the programs on TWR and he would see! Happily, the day arrived when you taught about Ecclesiastes.

Out of curiosity, he listened to the first program, then the second, then the third, and the fourth, and so on, without stopping, until he had listened to all the programs on Ecclesiastes. I asked him what he had to say. “Why didn’t you want to stop until you had listened to all the programs?” I asked.

He told me that when he listened to the first program, he learned things that did not come from men. He wanted to learn the advantages. My grandfather left [the dominant religion] and became not only a Christian but also a terrific evangelist. Your television programs are received very well. Many preachers have been trained by your programs. You are our biblical institute. I have not forgotten to wish you a good and happy new year in Christ. May God bless you!

Facts about North Africa:

  • The Kabyle people belong to the Berber ethnic group and are concentrated primarily in Algeria. They are known for their independence and traditional occupations as farmers and shepherds.
  • Reports from the region indicate that radio has played a significant role as large numbers of Kabyle have turned to Christ in the past decade or so.
  • TWR began airing broadcasts into North Africa in 1965. Today, a powerful medium-wave transmitter broadcasts into North Africa; the number of programs is gradually increasing in North African Arab, Berber and other languages.