ERITREA — The beginning of the story is all-too-familiar: Mom holds the family together, keeps the household afloat and points the children to God’s Word. Dad has different priorities.

The 17-year-old daughter of this family, Ayana,* got in touch with TWR in Africa to tell about her family and its connection to TWR radio programming.

Mom looked after the children and the house, and Dad worked to earn a living. But Dad’s income wasn’t enough for the family to live on, and the situation was made worse as he hung out with his friends and spent money after work.

“Mom is wonderfully dedicated, enduring the entire burden of the family alone optimistically,” Ana wrote. “She is wise enough to manage the family life with the little income we earn. She is a strong-spirited woman confronting every challenge facing us.”

Every night Mom would gather the children around the table to hear the TWR broadcast and then follow up by putting questions to each of the brothers and sisters to make sure the lessons had been grasped. The sessions would end with an earnest prayer that Dad would one day come join the family in listening to the Bible programs.

“Praise be his name, God has heard and answered our prayer,” Ana said. “Eventually we succeeded, and dad became member of the listening group. This has brought about a remarkable change in the living standard of the family.”

Now the family is unified in worshipping God. Dad isn’t staying out and wasting money. Mom is demonstrating what a good manager she is, and the family’s standard of living has improved. Listening to the Word of God over the radio helped work a miracle in their lives, Ana said.

“Being connected with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our source of peace, joy and satisfaction, now we have become the happiest family around here,” she said.

* Not her real name.

Facts About Eritrea*:

  • Since gaining independence from Ethiopia, Eritrea has existed as a single-party state with no national elections.
  • Eritreans reportedly account for about a tenth of the dense stream of migrants pouring into Europe.
  • Missionaries and many foreign-aid workers are not welcome in the country, but growth is strong among evangelicals despite having to operate in underground networks.

*Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.