With the right content, electronic media may fill in as a companion or as a teacher – a fact that we were reminded of by this man who had left his home in Romania to work abroad.

Hello! I am calling you from Italy. I am a shepherd here, so I do not have a mobile network all the time because of the remote places where I travel in the mountains.

I have listened to Thru the Bible programs for several years and am glad that I found this broadcast, because it teaches only the truth from the Bible. I would like to know what church you belong to so that I can find such a church in my hometown [in] Romania. My family and I would like to attend a church like that.

I have the Bible in my pocket every day. I read it and study it along with TTB. I noticed that you do not say anything about dogmatic differences [among denominations] but study the Bible in its truth and fullness. I have talked to [local] priests and asked them some questions from the Bible, but I did not get satisfactory answers from them.

I value the TTB program so much because here I can find the answers to many of my questions. I will give your phone number to my wife and my son, who are at home in Romania at the moment, and I will ask them to contact you. We would like to have TTB on our portable MP3s so that we can all listen to this program even if we are doing other work.

Facts About Romania … and Italy*:

  • Centro di Radiodiffusione Cristiana, TWR’s national partner in Italy, produces programs in Italian and broadcasts on evangelical FM stations 30 hours per week and on its own FM and Internet station around-the-clock.
  • The government is no longer overtly antagonistic to or controlling of the Church, as it was during Iron Curtain days. The Orthodox Church dominates the religious sphere, but there is growing evangelical movement, and many consider Romania one of the more spiritually receptive countries in Europe.
  • TWR Romania started producing programs in 1992 and received its license in 1998. Today it produces programs in Romanian and Romani-Kalderash, a Roma (also known as Gypsy) dialect.

Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.