SOUTH AFRICA — I LOVE TWR!!! “Why?” you may ask me.

Well, almost two years ago, I had a very serious accident, which left me practically bedridden and with impaired vision for a long time. When I eventually returned home after spending a long time in the hospital, unable to read the Word of God I loved so much and unable to go to church, I turned on my radio, and it was then I discovered TWR by accident while looking for something to listen to. The “news” was always just “bad news,” but, praise God, I stopped turning the dial when I heard a voice preaching a message – it was John MacArthur. My heart leaped with joy – at least now I could hear the Word being expounded so expertly and edifying my soul.

Then I heard Chuck Swindoll telling us about putting on the whole armor of God. Wow! What about Woodrow Kroll speaking the mighty names of God and their meanings and [speaking] about the book of Jude and many more? What a feast! One of my favorites is David Jeremiah, warming your heart. And what about Unshackled … telling real-life stories? On a Sunday when I can’t go to church, I can be encouraged by Billy Graham and so many more wonderful preachers. What a variety! Not forgetting Vernon McGee giving me a Bible study night after night.

Thank you so much TWR for being there for me when I needed you most. Oh, yes – and what about all the beautiful gospel music? I could just go on and on about this glorious time I’ve been able to spend in the presence of my precious Savior as I have had fellowship with my Lord because of TWR broadcasting all these wonderful programs and so many more. Thank you so VERY much for being there for me.

Yours in Christ, my Savior.

P.S. Now that my eyesight has been restored, I still prefer TWR to TV any day. I never can go back to TV – never ever!

Facts About South Africa*:

    • South Africa is the most economically developed country on the continent, but a wide gap exists between rich and poor, and unemployment remains high.
    • Since the end of apartheid, the nation has struggled to overcome many remaining social problems but has managed to continue functioning as a representative democracy.
    • TWR South Africa produces programs aimed at equipping leaders in the KwaZulu-Natal communities to address social issues from a biblical perspective.

Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.