TURKEY — A young woman in Turkey got in touch with TWR after listening to Leading the Way, featuring the teaching of Dr. Michael Youssef, and told her poignant story.

Hello. Because my mother died when I was 1 year old, my father married again, and I grew up with a stepmother. She always treated me bad. She beat me and yelled all the time.

My other two siblings from my father’s second marriage had good lives. My father was never on my side and never helped me.

Now I’m 25 years old and still living with my family. My pain still goes on. I’m working but I have to give all my salary to my family. I felt so hopeless and alone.

One day I was listening to your program, and you were telling about Jesus Christ. You told about how he suffered for us because he loved us. In that moment, I felt something different in my heart. It was a different feeling.

For the first time in my life, I felt free, and I understood that this feeling was not coming from me. It was like something had touched me. I believe that Jesus can set me free from my family and my burdens. I want to accept him into my life.

How should I pray?

Facts About Turkey:

  • Leaving the dominant religion to accept Christ is widely considered to be an insult to the Turkish identity and thus results in significant pressure on new believers to recant their faith, according to the Open Doors ministry.
  • Along with Leading the Way, TWR broadcasts available in Turkey include Women of Hope, Thru the Bible and the Talmatha discipleship program.