PHILIPPINES — “I am a listener of your program, Ilaw ng Pag-asa (Women of Hope in Tagalog), and I used to be addicted to drugs. I sought help in order to overcome it, but I was still full of fear and worries.

“The text messages you send give me guidance and encouragement. Your prayers helped me overcome my problem. Most of all, the programs that you air enlighten me. Your constant encouragement helps me in my ongoing fight [against addiction].

“I started a small business that keeps me busy every day, and every time I feel lonely… I run until I am tired, and that helps me sleep [it off]. This is the way I deal with my situation. I am happy.

Most of all I thank the Lord, because I know He is answering our prayers and I believe that He alone can change everything in me. My fears and worries have lessened little by little. I am holding on to the assurance that the Lord already forgave me and He will not leave me alone.”

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